Published on09/28/2017 6:33 am

Fire  damage can be a withering experience both for home & business  owners. Fire damage is tough to overcome & fix, but there’re some  simple things you can do to encourage the process. Here is a list of  things that you should do and shouldn’t during a fire restoration  process.


  •  Do contact fire damage restoration expert in Suffolk: Ensure you instantly get in touch with certified fire damage & smoke restoration expert for remediation service.
  •  Do deactivate utilities:  Deactivate gas, electricity, and any other utilities until an expert  can assess if any of these stuff were damaged during the course of fire.
  • Do address your floors, carpets, and counter-tops:  Give immediate treatment to your carpets after a fire hazard. Vacuum  them to recover from the damaged state. It’ll help prevent soot from  crushing deeper into the roots of the carpet. Hardwood floor and  counter-tops must be wiped away to prevent the soot from deeply staining  & grasping to the surface.
  • Do take care of
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