Published on 02/08/2018 11:11 am
Useful Mold Removal Tips for Winter

Mold is a major problem most Long Island homeowners face during winter. But that doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down. It’s true that mold thrives at a temperature more than 70° F whereas some of them do well in cold weather.

Here are a few useful tips to consider in order to prevent the mold from taking hold:

1. Check for the mold in un-insulated closets, attics, windows, crawl-spaces etc. and other places with a temperature colder than the rest. Make sure that these spots should be kept free from moisture.

2. Though mold loves moisture, you should keep the humidity level of your home below 40%. If it gets higher, it will create a mold-friendly environment.

3. If you have humid spaces in your home, swap out all the wall to wall carpets for hard-surface floors or area rugs. Don’t ever keep books or stacks of paper in such areas.

4. As discussed above, mold loves moisture. So, you need to fix any leaks in your roof and around windows and doors. After all, the places that tend to be humid is more likely to invite mold.

5. Do check on all gutters and downspouts and make sure they are clean as well as the water flows away from your house effortlessly.

6. While cooking or taking a shower at home, you should use fans to vent out moisture from your home.

7. You should ensure that all vents in the bathroom and kitchen vent to the outside rather than to attic or crawlspace. If not, the moisture will be gathered and provide a comfy spot for mold growth.

8. Don’t forget to seal the crawlspace with waterproof plastic. If it has vents, you need to close them in summer and make sure they are open during winter to prevent moisture buildup.

9. You need to insulate pipes and the available cold surfaces at your home.

10. If your basement has moisture problems, you should ask the pros to take necessary actions.

11. At the end, don’t forget to perform a routine inspection of your pipes, windows, and walls in your basement. If you find any, take immediate action. Try to find the main source of moisture or contact a pro to come up and find it for you.

Conclusion –

It’s highly suggested to have a winter checklist that you can go through just before the beginning of the season. A little prevention can go a long way for mold removal in Long Island. So consider these steps for mold removal in order to maintain hygienic air quality in your home. Do you get a mold problem? Schedule an appointment for mold removal in Long Island with Category3 LLC, you're all season mold removal as well as remediation company in Suffolk.

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